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Services provided consist of traditional, in office, face-to-face psychotherapy and tele-therapy. 

Dr. Lambdin is licensed in Texas (37342) and in California (PSY15130).

Dr. Lambdin provides a supportive environment that is respectful, accepting and compassionate, viewing the human person filled with His dignity and created in the image and likeness of God. With this in mind, it is also understood that human beings are imperfect and, due to human frailty, have a tendency to act in ways that can be painful and hurtful. She provides the opportunity to gain tools necessary to, with His grace, obtain healing. Dr. Lambdin also works to help her clients come to better understand their current situations and offers solutions to move forward, with His grace, in a positive direction, and to be the best version of yourself. This is done through the provision of education, evidence-based psychological tools and skills to change thoughts and behavior in order to improve ourselves and our relationships with others. This positive change is made in an environment where individuals are supported in their relationship with others. Our vocation as a husband, wife, or parent is strengthened so we can live our vocation joyfully. But this is not always easy or simple. 

Areas of expertise are Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Autism, parenting issues.

While sessions are not provided on a sliding scale basis, per se, a limited number of sessions are available at a reduced fee. These are arranged with Dr. Lambdin directly. 

Individual Psychotherapy

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Marital/Premarital Psychotherapy

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Family Psychotherapy

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